1. Log into your clover device, and click on the "More Tools" icon. 
  2. Search for "menuchain"
  3. Install


  • The first time you open the menuchain app, it will automatically create your account with some default settings
    1. automatically creates your merchant account
    2. sync your menu for sale
    3. sends you a welcome email to you, and all other employees who have "admin" status


  1. Immediately after opening the app for the first time, click the top menu to access and configure your settings
  2. Update your:
    • online order page subdomain
    • restaurant name
    • tax rate
    • address
    • time zone
    • notification settings :
      • ring delay
      • print delay
      • force open app delay

Placing your first order

  1. From the app settings, you will find your personalized order page. Access that url from a web browser or any smart phone.
  2. When you place an order, the menuchain homepage should have the order.

  3.  Acknowledge the order. 

  4. The menuchain app will try to notify the employee in three ways unless the order has been acknowledged.
    1. Make a sound
    2. Print out the order
    3. Forcefully open the app on the main screen